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Dear integration consultants,

SAP Cloud Platform Integration has a useful way to parameterize Integration Flows known as "Partner Directory". Currently, the only way to work with Partner Directory service is directly calling OData services with developer tools or programs.

Here is a tool that helps you work with the Partner Directory. Currently, it is a read-only tool for validating created Partners and String Parameters. In the future, we are planning to add more features. Your interest and comments play a great role here.

Update: Now there is another version that is much easier to use:


You can start using this tool in 5 seconds if you already have Node.js installed. You can install Node.js from the official website: link. It also installs the command-line tool "npm". Then you can run:
npm install partnerui-cpi -g

That’s all it takes to install the tool.

Usage and Features

In command line run

If you want to specify a different port run:
partnerui-cpi -p 9000

Enter your information. You can use the hostname or full URL of your tenant, the tool will parse it.

Partner data is grouped by Pid by default. This is AlternativePartners data in the OData service.


You can ungroup them or group them by another field:


String parameters


You can use the search to find specific values:

Source Code

You can find the source code on GitHub

As always, we are open to new ideas and pull requests.

Thank you for reading!
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