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Hello everyone,

Today, with the tool I will introduce you, I will explain how you can easily see the message logs of your integrations on SAP CPI, download Attachments and do many more monitoring operations easily.

Do not let the Tool's name mislead you. It is not only used to download your Attachments. You will be able to perform many functions on a single tool. Before starting, I would like to thank SAP for the APIs used in this tool and Berk Sinar for our beautiful logo.

You can see the details for the API used in this tool from the link below:


  1. Setup:

    To use the tool, you must have npm installed on your computer because we will start with downloading our tool using npm.

    Then, we run the following codes on the command line.

    • npm i @mdpgroup/cpi-super-attachment-getter

    • cpi-attachment-getter

  2. Usage and Features:

    Fields on the login page:

    • URL Info: <https://>your tenant URL,

    • Username: CPI user name,

    • Password: Password of the user

  • If the login process is successful, you will see a screen like below;




  • On the screen that comes up, your 1-hour logs, if any, will be list in the Integration with Logs table.



  • If you wish, you can filter your logs as 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week or 1 month. You can fetch again your logs according to the selected date with the Refresh button.



  • To access the logs of your integrations, you need to click on the rows on the "Integration with Message Logs" table.


  • In the table below, we see the time and status information of the clicked integrations as shown in the figure.


  • To see Attachments, Run Steps, Custom Header properties or Error Log information of the message logs, simply click on the lines in the table with the message logs.

Message Log Tabs


  • Content-Type and size information of these Attachments, if any, belong to the message log can be displayed in the Attachment Tab.


  • In the "Custom Headers" tab, the Custom Header header and contents can be displayed, if any, of the clicked message log.


  • Error logs can be displayed in the "Error Logs" tab, if any, of the clicked message log.



  • Running Steps can be displayed in the "Run Steps" tab, if any, belonging to the clicked message log.


  • You can also download the Attachment to your computer by clicking the lines in the Attachment Tab.


  • The name of the downloaded file will be attachment <filename>_<Current Date Time Info>.<file extension>.




You can contact me for any questions or comments.


You can access the source codes from the link below:


Thank you for reading!
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