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In this blog, I will discuss about the summary of the XSC to XSA HANA artifact migration.

Below are the steps need to perform -
1. Migrate all the SQL Calculation view, analytical view, attribute and and table functions into Calculation view using migrate tool used for Migrate option available in the quick view.
2. Put all the DB artifacts like calculation views, stored procedures into a package i.e. pkgt
3. Create a delivery unit DUT including the package pkgt.
4. Download the XSA Migration Assistant tool from SAP service market place.
5. Install the tool.
6. Open CMD and got to the folder where migration assistance tool bat file is available.
7. execute the below commands to set the target HANA server host port with user_id and password.
8. Create a target folder where the ZIP file will be saved. For my case I have create under Pallab/Target.
Inside Pallab the xs-migration.bat file exists.
8. Now execute the Migration command -

xs-migration --target-dir /Target DUT,

9. Inside the Target folder the the Zip file (Example) DUT_20230110_1920 file available. You can see the migration report.
10. Open the Business Application Studio and right click on the user space and import the zip file.

This is the outline summary and developer can see the details in one of my blogs where screenshot was mentioned for each steps.
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