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Hi upgrade experts,

new upgrade, new errors. The latest SUM 1.0 SP09 includes an error in phase MAIN_POSTP/UEXP_SPDD.

This in a phase after the downtime. You will enter it if you finished the SPAU.

I think this issue hits only the platform windows in cause of the interpretation of the quotation marks in the command.

However, if will ever have an issue in this phase like this one:


3 ETQ399 20131126173542: PID 12964 execute 'D:\usr\sap\SBI\DVEBMGS00\exe\tp "pf=C:\SUM\abap\var\DEFAULT.TPP" verse SBIK900012 "-Dtransdir=\\sapsbi\sapmnt\trans\"' , output written to 'C:\SUM\abap\log\versioning.log'.

3 ETQ399 20131126173542: PID 12964 exited with status 212 (time 0.000 real)

1EETQ399 Last error code set is: Calling 'D:\usr\sap\SBI\DVEBMGS00\exe/tp' failed with return code 212, check C:\SUM\abap\log\versioning.log for details

Export of SBIK900012 failed

1EETQ204 Upgrade phase "UEXP_SPDD" aborted with severe errors ("20131126173543")


EXECUTING D:\usr\sap\SBI\DVEBMGS00\exe\tp.EXE  "pf=C:\SUM\abap\var\DEFAULT.TPP" verse SBIK900012 "-Dtransdir=\\sapsbi\sapmnt\trans\"

This is D:\usr\sap\SBI\DVEBMGS00\exe\tp.EXE version 380.08.41 (release 720, unicode enabled)

\\sapsbi\sapmnt\trans"\tmp\SLOG731.LOC: Invalid argument

PANIC --> exiting

What happened here is really easy to explain => the tp command can not be executed in cause of the false path (\\sapsbi\sapmnt\trans"\tmp\SLOG731.LOC). It interprets it as invalid argument => RC 212.

Really nice is also the SAP comment "PANIC --> exiting" :grin:

SBIK900012 is the SPDD transport which is already been exported, but not analyzed yet. This will be done in this phase.


To fix this, just run the command without the quotation marks as sidadm in folder <SUM>\abap\:

D:\usr\sap\SBI\DVEBMGS00\exe\tp.EXE  "pf=C:\SUM\abap\var\DEFAULT.TPP" verse SBIK900012 -Dtransdir=\\sapsbi\sapmnt\trans\

But if you would repeat now the phase, it would result in the same issue although the logs are present for the SUM.

You have to move/delete/rename the umodauto.lst in folder <SUM>\abap\bin\

(check note 1844328 - Error in PHASE MAIN_POSTP/UEXP_SPDD. Tool variable 'NEW_R3LOAD_DATE' does not exist.)

No relevant transport for SPDD or SPAU no phase MAIN_POSTP/UEXP_SPDD :wink:

Now you can repeat the phase, but note the SPAU transport won't be exported if you marked it as SPAU transport in TX SPAU.

Just keep this at the back of one's mind if you ever face an issue in this phase.

Best Regards,


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