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CeBIT – is primarily a trade event where you get to know new prospective customers, presenting yourself and your services and generally network. For us. this year's CeBIT was also the start of an exciting project.


We had been asked by SAP if we wanted to use the Suite on HANA as an early adopter in production. We spontaneously agreed and decided to migrate our internal ERP system to SAP HANA. As a long-standing SAP partner, it is very important for us to use new Technologies yourselves (I have given a video interview on this topic). "We use what we sell" - this is the motto we live by, it also creates a great foundation of trust for our customers.


We began the implementation a month later, with the project planning:


And ... the first tests:


Part of our definition of a successful conversion to SAP HANA was the migration of the hardware and the database. We described this phase as Wave 1 and it is explained in more detail here:


After the hardware upgrade SAP then surprised us with a request, to migrate directly to the new EhP7. Again, we did not discuss this at length, (we were somewhat dumbfounded ) but decided to go for it. And so we were included in the Customer Validation Program for EhP7:

At the same time, we conducted tests with the DMO (Database Migration Option) tool, which we combined with the Upgrade and Migration of the SAP systems to SAP HANA in one step. The result: we could measure a downtime minimization of about 10 percent.


The upgrade to SAP ERP on HANA EhP7 and the database migration were declared successful on 21/10/2013. Here, too, I have formulated a final blog post for a closer look:

Today, about four weeks after going into production, the system is very stable and fast. We have not had any escalations or critical problems that have had business impact.


Overall, this project is a nice example of the great collaboration between SAP and itelligence as partners. So here again many thanks to all our SAP colleagues who have supported us during the transition.


To end on a small personal note: Yes, I know that I have linked here to many different sources with lots of content. But in my view, such a complex issue can not be adequately explained in just one blog post.

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