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Hello Experts,

Welcome to our exciting blog post on the topic of "Automatic Approval on SuccessFactors Job Requisition Routing." In this post, we will delve into the challenges faced in the Job Requisition Approval Process and explore the need for automation in this critical HR process. We will also discuss the activation of automation for different customers based on various criteria, ultimately helping organizations reduce the overall time for approval and the time it takes to hire potential candidates.

Target Audience

This blog post is specifically designed for customers using SuccessFactors Recruiting Management (RCM) and the following are the key participants in Talent Acquisition Process.

  • Recruiters

  • HR Admins

  • Consultants


  • Function HR

  • Process Talen Acquisition

  • System SuccessFactors

  • Module Recruiting Management (RCM)

  • Scenario Job Requisition Approval Process

Standard Process

Currently, in the Job Requisition approval process, several approvers are assigned to validate the requisition details for a job vacancy and provide their consent or approval before passing it to the next approver. These approvers follow a sequential route map, forming the Job Requisition approval route. However, this standard process can be time-consuming, impacting the organization's ability to efficiently recruit candidates.


Job Requisition Route Map Template

Brief info about various Roles can be referred from KBA.

  • Job Requisition Template – Standard Job Requisition

  • Form Route Map Template – Standard Job Requisition O_GM_R

  • Route Step 1 (User Role O) – Originator (Job Requisition Creator)

  • Route Step 2 (User Role Custom GM) – Hiring Manager’s Manager

  • Route Step 3 (User Role R) – Recruiter

  • Route Step X (User Role Modifier U) – * New Approver added via Modifier Step.

* Cases where Modifier Step can be added
a. Originator holding Job Requisition currently, can add Modifier after Step 1 or
b. The hiring Manager’s Manager holding Job requisitions currently can add a Modifier after Step 2 or
c. The recruiter holding Job Requisition currently, can add a Modifier after Step 3.


Job Requisition Approval Steps


Limitations in Standard Job Requisition Approval Process

The existing Job Requisition Approval Process faces certain limitations. For instance, if an approver at a specific route step delays approval for an extended period, there is no time binding or limitation on how long an approver can keep the Job Requisition pending. This lack of time constraints can cause significant delays in the overall hiring process. For an Example:

Actions Dates
Job Requisition Creation Date 1st Jan 2023
Route Step 1 Approval 25th Jan 2023
Route Step 2 Approval 20th Feb 2023
Route Step 3 Approval 1st Mar 2023
Job Requisition posted to Job Portals 1st Mar 2023
10 Applications Received by 10th Mar 2023
Interview Process 10th Mar 2023 to 25th Mar 2023
1st Candidate Offered / Accepted 25th Mar 2023
Date Of Joining Confirmed 1st July 2023
(3 Months Notice Period)


  • Hence, the overall delay is 2 months from the Job Requisition creation to Posting on the Career site.

Problem Statement

Due to the manual nature of the approval process, delays may occur at specific steps or with multiple approvers, leading to prolonged hiring timelines. Recognizing this issue, organizations are seeking ways to automate the approval process for Job Requisition Route Maps.


At TalenTeam, we have developed a solution to address this problem by introducing an automated approval system for Job Requisition Route Maps. Our solution allows for auto-approval on behalf of the designated approver if the Job Requisition remains with that approver for a specified number of working days. This monitoring and auto-approval feature can be configured according to the organization's requirements.

Key benefits of this Solution.

  1. Plug & Play: Quick deployment and implementation.

  2. Universal: Applicable to any Job Requisition Template.

  3. Flexible: Easy enablement for future Job Requisition Templates.

  4. Auto Adaptation: Dynamic handling of ownership changes or additional modifier steps.

  5. Alert Mechanism: Detailed email notification on Job Requisitions, Steps, Owners, Errors, and Time.

  6. Automated Design: No manual intervention is required.

  7. Easy Configuration and Management.

  8. Configurable Parameter: Ability to exclude specific steps from auto-approval.

  9. Auto Retry Mechanism: Attempts auto-approval for a step that previously failed due to data issues.

  10. Public Holidays and Weekends Exclusion: Calculation of required working days for auto-approval excludes non-working days.

To implement this solution, you will need the following systems:

  • SAP Cloud Integration

  • SuccessFactors Recruiting Management (RCM)



For more information and a demo of the solution, please reach out to our team at or visit our website at We are here to assist you in streamlining your Job Requisition Approval Process and enhancing your talent acquisition efforts.

Stay tuned for our upcoming blog posts as we dive deeper into the world of HR automation and optimization.



Manjunath BK

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