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I would like to suggest you people to go through the following link below, because this will help you in future.

Why means?

Now days,  business prospective is going in variety way, so we have to follow that path.

We have to read , what are the things that are going on the world in SAP!

SuccessFactors is the one who is gone lead in the world by coming days in business(marketplace).

For that we don't require servers to maintain your SAP system.

We can view the things in a graphical way.

It's like a drag and drop.

The main thing they are using in that is ''Cloud Computing''.

I don't know people whether it is useful or not.

But most of the MN C's are implementing this SuccessFactors to their organisation.

This is the leading one at present.

It's like fast solution for the client.


Vijay Kumar


Moderator edit:

Please find a screengrab of the Jam site allowing access to a trial via the highlighted link and section on the image:

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