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Product and Topic Expert

Of late there have been a few discussion topics raised on how does Deltasync work in SuccessFactors.

Now Deltasync is only available for SFAPI entities - Compound Employee, FO_objects. For OData there are custom options available.


A sender adapter polls SuccessFactors periodically (this could be hourly or daily or could be even based on a schedule you set up for the Sender Communications Channel to poll at 7 AM then 12 PM and then again towards close of day at 6 PM - totally up to requirements and business hours). This will then fetch all the changes to the Entity via the Deltasync option (which is based on the last_modified_on element).

For example, the following is the select statement from SuccessFactors for the Location Foundation Object -

SELECT address_state, end_date, externalCode, last_modified_on, name, start_date, status FROM FO_location WHERE  last_modified_on > to_datetime('${deltasync.maxDateFromLastRun}')

In the Advanced tab of the Sender Communications Channel, switch on Use Additional Settings and enter the parameter deltasync.maxDateFromLastRun and a value from where you want the fetch to happen from (thanks to heiko.konert2 for posting the below picture on another discussion).

And that is it!

A lot of Integration aficionados (including myself) have wondered where is this data held at? It is a parameter that cannot be modifiable! And perhaps for a good reason too.

The only way you can "change" it is by creating a totally new Communications Channel for your scenario. So that tells me that the  Communications Channel name must be a part of the key here. Thanks to heiko.konert2  for diligently finding out the parameters SFSF + Party + Service + Communications Channel Name + Channel Object Id.

This is the most basic scenario supported by SuccessFactors. What if for some reason the query needs to be executed at a different time (earlier time) from the value set in deltasync.maxDateFromLastRun?

We will take a look at potential solutions in another blog.

kevin.laevers4 you may find this blog useful!



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