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SFAPI/Odata Tools provide some features query builder,job status and entity defintion(data dictionay).

This was very useful in SF and HCM integration project. i will show you two functions. rest you can explore yourself.

link to access sfapi tools

1. **Improved** OData Query Tool - Graphical OData Query Builder.

2. SFAPI Async Job Management (SFAPI Login Required)

click on option four.

1. **Improved** OData Query Tool - Graphical OData Query Builder.

this helps you view the entity records. you have option of building your query. select your entity which you want to query. here i am using User entity.

you will get list of fields available under entity.  select your entity and list of fields to display.

when you place the cursor on the filed, it will show you the properties. if Filterable is true, you can select it under query.

if you place the cursor on the filterable field , it will allow you to enter the data in operand box.

you can even group the records, using "OR and AND condition.

execute the query, it will show you list of records, with selected columns.

if you click on user it will show your entire data for that user.

json message

if you want to select the records without any filter, you can do that.

next blog SFAPI Async Job Management  i will explain about sfapi job management.




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