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with this post we would like to address an issue we have observed on the consumer portal in a federated portal (FPN) scenario. To fix this issue, we have created a submission on the SAP Idea Place, please vote for it in case you share the same opinion on that issue:

Submission on SAP Idea Place:
Align behaviour of separate window for URL-iView in a federated portal (FPN) scenario


The submission adresses the following issue:

We have observed that the behaviour for launching an URL-iView in a separate browser window is behaving different on producer portal and consumer portal (federated portal scenario).

We have configured an URL-iView to launch its content in a new window, with iView-Property “Launch in New Window = Display in Separate Window”.

On producer portal the iView is launched in a new window and performs a redirect to the configured target URL, which is the behaviour we would expect. On consumer portal, the behaviour is almost the same, but the iView content in the new window is surrounded by an “invisible” iFrame from the portal.

We have a lot of scenarios, were we need to launch websites in a new window without any iFrame. For example: the target application has various security restrictions and does not accept to be embedded into iFrames.

The URL-iView is the only iView type that enables to launch target applications in a new window without any iFrames (on producer portal). Thus, in a federated portal scenario on consumer portal such possibility does not exist. Therefore I would suggest implementing the same behaviour of the URL-iView on consumer portal as it behaves on producer portal.


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