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Software used:

SAP BO V 4.1 SP2

Universe : eFashion.

I have shown the way we can aggregate the values on report level.

I have dragged State & City objects

My initial report looks like below:

Now I want to aggregate city names as per state.

So I want result as shown below:

To achieve the result follow the steps:

1) First drag State & City objects on report and sort result by State and City in ascending order.

2) Create dimension like

Cities =[City]+";"+Previous(Self;([State]))

3)Create measure like


4) Create another measure to calculate rank

Ranking =Rank([length_cities];[City];([State]))

5) Apply report level filter using newly created measure Ranking

where Ranking = 1

6) Create another dimension

Final_Cities  =NoFilter([Cities])

7) Drag this Final_Cities to report & then hide the column City.

Check your report you got your desired result.

I hope this will help while developing reports.



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