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Thank Note:

First of all, I wanted to thank all of you for such a wonderful response on my previous blog posts.


In continuation to my previous blogs on Focused Build in SAP Solution Manager, many people have reached out to me for a guide or blog on how to run our project using Focused Build in SAP Solution Manager.

My Previous blogs on Focused Build in SAP Solution Manager are as below. You can go through it for getting overall idea about Focused Build and terminologies used in it and to know more about it in detail.

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SAP Solution Manager is a powerful platform that helps organizations manage their end-to-end SAP solutions effectively. Among its many features, Focused Build stands out as a comprehensive solution for project management within SAP Solution Manager. Focused Build provides a structured and standardized approach to project delivery, enabling teams to streamline processes, enhance collaboration, and achieve successful project outcomes. In this blog post, we will explore how to leverage Focused Build for project management in SAP Solution Manager.

1. Understanding Focused Build

Focused Build is an add-on to SAP Solution Manager that brings together best practices, methodologies, and pre-configured templates for project management. It provides a structured framework that supports all phases of the project lifecycle, including requirements management, test management, defect management, and change control. Focused Build integrates seamlessly with other SAP Solution Manager functionalities, offering a unified platform for project teams

2. Requirements Management

Focused Build simplifies requirements management by providing a central repository to capture, analyze, and track project requirements. The solution offers predefined templates for different requirement types, allowing teams to create, document, and manage requirements effectively. Focused Build's integrated collaboration capabilities enable stakeholders to collaborate, review, and approve requirements, ensuring alignment and transparency throughout the project.

3. Test management

Testing plays a crucial role in project success, and Focused Build streamlines the entire test management process. It offers predefined test plan templates, allowing teams to define test cases, assign responsibilities, and track progress. Focused Build also provides integration with automated testing tools, enabling efficient test execution and defect management. With comprehensive reporting and analytics features, project teams gain valuable insights into testing progress and quality.

4. Defect Management

racking and resolving defects is made easier with Focused Build's integrated defect management capabilities. Defects can be reported, categorized, and prioritized within the solution, ensuring prompt resolution. Focused Build facilitates collaboration among project stakeholders by enabling seamless communication, real-time status updates, and notifications for defect-related activities. By streamlining defect management, teams can improve product quality and reduce time-to-resolution.

5. Change Management

Change control is a critical aspect of project management, and Focused Build provides robust change control functionalities. It offers predefined change request templates, guiding teams through the change management process. Focused Build allows stakeholders to review and approve change requests, ensuring proper evaluation and governance. The solution also integrates with SAP Solution Manager's Change Request Management (ChaRM) capabilities, enabling end-to-end change control within the project.

Benefits of Focused Build:

By adopting Focused Build for project management in SAP Solution Manager, organizations can achieve several benefits, including:

  • Improved project transparency and traceability

  • Enhanced collaboration and communication among project stakeholders

  • Standardized and streamlined project processes.

  • Increased efficiency through automation and integration with other SAP Solution Manager functionalities

  • Enhanced quality and reduced risks through effective requirement, test, defect, and change management


Focused Build is a valuable tool for project management within SAP Solution Manager, offering a structured approach and comprehensive functionalities to streamline project delivery. By leveraging Focused Build's capabilities, organizations can enhance collaboration, ensure transparency, and achieve successful project outcomes. If you're looking to optimize your project management processes, consider implementing Focused Build in SAP Solution Manager for improved efficiency and project success.

Let's go ahead and explore this wonderful tool and try to get the maximum value out of it.

Keep learning and keep sharing. Cheers!!!
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