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Good news first: I passed the homework assigned of week 1: 30 pts , max score (and what a relief). It took me 10 minutes for the test,  and still scoring 30 out of 30 points is a good motivation for the weeks to come.

Right now, the assignment counter for week shows that there is still time left for submitting the homework for week 2.

I already submitted my answers for week 2 during the weekend and while I hope to keep my current score, I’d be surprised I'll continue so. Too much going on right now, but as stated earlier, the goal is to learn, not to pass with a perfect score.

How was week 2

Week 2 was theory only. The topic was security and what SMP cloud version offers in that regard. An easy going week, no hands on, explaining mainly the reasons why to go for security and that SMP – of course – offers all you need to solve your security related concerns. Felt a little bit like SAP marketing presentation.

I missed more detailed information on the main reasons for security, the current challenges and the role of MDM and governance. While data at rest was part of the content, how to crypt data on a mobile was not really touched. How to evaluate a mobile platform for security aspects wasn’t shown, the impact of consumer devices in a corporate environment not detailed. Also, BYOD and security concerns that come with outdated versions, cloud services or jail-braked versions were not really covered.

Analyzing mobile applications with SMP was the last part of the course. Again: pure theory. It is really nice to see that the visual presentation of this important functionality is handled ootb by SMP. Some information on what and where to log information wasn’t part of the exercise. Or: how to get the locally logged information from the device to SMP to analyze it there?

Looking at the discussion area of the course, some people were not happy with the all theory approach, but in week 3 this will change. The foundation for authentication and security is laid and as I am already in week 3, user on-boarding is week 2 applied in practice.

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