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Hi ,

The below article provides steps which are needed to view and execute SAP Dashboards on Ipad.

Prerequisites -

  • Business Objects server should be on SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence platform 4.0 Support Package 5 or higher.
  • SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence platform is configured with mobile server and categories.
  • SAP Business Objects Dashboards Client tool should be on Support Package 5 or higher
  • IPAD2 or higher available for testing the dashboards access.
  • SAP Business Objects Mobile app on the IPAD is of version 4.4.27 or higher

Note: Dashboards are currently not supported on IPhone devices even with latest version of mobile app.

Note: Dashboard Support to Android(Only Tab not Android phone) is available from SAP BO 4.1

Configuring SAP BI Mobile Server

If it’s a fresh installation of SAP BO version SP05 and above this configuration is not needed. If you are upgrading the SAP BO from lower version (<SP 05) to above, please perform the below operation to make sure that your SAP BO Mobile server is running fine.

  • Stop Tomcat server
  • Copy the below .war files :

  • MobileOTA14.war from the source location SAP BusinessObjects\Mobile 14\Client
  • MobileBIService.war from the source location SAP BusinessObjects\Mobile 14\Server
  • MOBIServer.war from the source location SAP BusinessObjects\Mobile 14\Server file to the following SAP BusinessObjects BI platform locations, [Tomcat home directory]\webapps.
  • Start Tomcat server.

Note: If you are not able to find the above files in the above given location perform a search on the drive as sometimes .war files are located in some other location.

Deploying and Accessing SAP Dashboards on Ipad

  • Develop your dashboard on SAP Dashboards 4 as per your requirements; make sure that you use components which are mobile compatible.
  • After successful development of SAP Dashboards save it to platform as “Desktop Object for Desktop and Mobile” to the desired folder in BI Launchpad.
  • Open SAP BI Launchpad and make sure that you got your dashboard on the desired location.
  • Open SAP BI Mobile app on Ipad
  • Create a new connection to the SAP BO server
  • Details needed to create a new connection –
    • Server URL – http://<bo_server_ipaddress>:8080
    • CMS Name – ServerName:6400
    • Authentication Mode -  Enterprise
    • Username and Password
  • Connect to the SAP BO server
  • Look for the dashboards you have published using steps mentioned above
  • Tap the dashboard file to open it
  • Play around with the dashboard to ensure you are getting the same interactivity that you were getting from BI platform.

Publish Dashboards to BI Platform

Open your dashboards file from your client tool, and then verify that there are no warnings or errors on “Mobile Compatibility panel” to ensure there are no mobile unsupported components on the dashboard.

  • Use one of the options below to publish the dashboard to BI Platform for mobile access.

  • Save to Platform As > Dashboards object for Mobile Only (To access dashboard only from IPad)
  • Save to Platform  As> Dashboards object for  Desktop and Mobile (To access dashboard both from IPad and BI Launchpad)

  • Enter the below details in “Log On to SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence platform” dialog to successfully publish the dashboard.

  • System:  CMS: port
  • User name: BI Platform username
  • Password: BI Platform password
  • Authentication: Enterprise/SAP

Note: Once the dashboards are on BI Platform they do not have to be specifically assigned to any of the mobile categories like “Mobile” or “Mobile Designed” in order to access them from IPAD. That is needed for accessing Webi reports on Ipad.

Important Screenshots - Attached



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