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1) If a process chain is stuck at a particular step and we want to restart it.

2) Data loading is successful, but the next step of the chain is not executed..

Now Lets understand this with the help of example

As we can see above the chain has failed at collector step

Reason :- The event that will register in the back end data base is not set properly or may go to hold state, so as a result will have to change the parameter manually.

Solution for this

Step 1: At the step where the process chain is stuck

Go to display messages >>>chain>>>copy Job Count,

Also copy Log-ID & Chains Tech Name

Step 2: Go to se16>>>rspcprocesslog

Input Log id & Job No

Click on Execute

This will give a single entry in the table rspcprocesslog

You will get all the details to be filled with which you will be running your step which has failed

Copy the required details to be filled

LOG ID---copy from Log-ID of a Run

CHAIN---Chains tech name which we had copied earlier

TYPE---Copy from Process Type

VARIANT--Copy from Process Variant(Name)

JOBCOUNT---Copy from Job no.which we had copied earlier

BATCHDAT---Copy from Scheduled release

BATCHTIM---Copy from Scheduled release

These are the details to be filled in SE38 transaction code

Step 3: Go to Tcode :- SE38

Execute the function module RSPC_PROCESS_FINISH

Enter the details that we have copied earlier

Enter 'G' for parameter STATE and click on execute (F8)

After executing the above FM, with the above stated parameters, the actual process will be set to green and the following process in the chain will be started and the chain can run to the end.

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