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This document is for the Consultants who are new to BO and just started working on a Project. There are similar documents available in SCN. I have added few more points on top of it. During the Project Life Cycle we need to move our developed objects across the environments (Dev to QA or Dev/QA to Prod). We call it Transports; here in BO we call it Promotion. This is achieved through a tool call Promotion Management. Say for example Promotion Management is configured in QA CMC System to promote objects from Dev to Prod.


Login to QA CMC System via Start – All Programs – SAP Business Objects BI Platform 4 – BOQ-BOBJ QA

Provide your credentials in the next Log on Screen.

Authentication: You can either select Enterprise or SAP. If you’re selecting SAP, you need to provide system details and your SAP User ID and Password. Below is the screen with SAP Authentication

In the Next CMC Home screen, Select  – Promotion Management

And then Click on New Job button on top left

Provide all details as below,

Name: Name for new Promotion Job     Description:  Suitable Description

Keywords: Can keep it as blank                 Start Job in: Select the Default

Source: Login to New CMS – Give credentials as shown in further screenshot

Destination: Give credentials as shown in further screenshot

Source – Login to a New CMS – Select SAP authentication and provide details as follows

You will see green icon once login is successful

Similarly do it for Destination

Click on Create Button now, And Expand your folder where your report is and Select it in the right pane and then click on Add & Close button

Click on Manage Dependencies button now

Dependent objects will be shown here– e.g. related Connections and Queries. Don’t select them if it is an existing report in the target system– just click Close button

Click on Promote button in the next screen

Give Change Management ID in the next screen (This is optional) and click on Promote button

Click on History button to see the status of the Promotion job

Hurray Status is successful

Result: Your report is successfully got promoted to QA from Dev in the respective folder

Note: You can promote the objects only when if both the Systems (Source and Target) are of same Version.

Another point needs to be taken care of is that, the CUID of the report in both the systems should be the same. Otherwise, promotion job will fail. If it is different in the Target system, you can copy it in your Favorite folder and then delete the report from the Actual Folder and then Promote it from Dev system.

It is advisable that you should keep all the Pre snap shot of every change on the Report either in your favorite folder or Create a Test folder in all the systems– Dev – QA – Prod (Access only to Developers). You can maintain all these change details in an Excel

CUID of a Report – Select the Report in Launch Pad – Right Click – Properties

CUID of Payment Report in Dev e.g.:

CUID of Payment Report in QA:

One can maintain an excel of CUIDs of all the reports and across the systems and use it during the Promotion



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