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I have been reviewing the presentations that have come in for SAP Insider’s BI 2013 conference taking place in Amsterdam next June 11-13. Below are some expert suggestions that Frank Wammes from Capgemini offers in his presentation on Guidelines and Best Practices for Ensuring a Successful Mobile BI Strategy and Deployment.

The full session provides a comprehensive examination of key elements of a successful mobile BI strategy that delivers business-critical information when and where it is needed. Here are just a few tips offered:

Four Critical Areas Should Be Considered when Planning the First Mobile BI Project and Future Roadmap

1. Device Proliferation

    • Mobile devices are everywhere; corporations employing bring your own device policies which leads to a plethora of different devices, OS’s, screen size, etc. 
    • An enterprise’s mobile device policy must be considered when evaluating mobile BI technologies

2. Data Sources and Performance

    • Users not only expect internal data sources on a mobile device but increasingly want to analyze this data against external data sources such as GPS and Social Media data
    • The critical component is not only combining this data but also providing it in a timely fashion

3. Security

    • Need to provide a fully secure, solution from database to device including ability to remotely wipe devices if lost/stolen
    • Full device management lifecycle from enrollment to retirement
    • Support corporate devices as well as personal devices
    • Consider Device Management software (e.g. Afaria)

4. Business Requirements

    • Easy to consume, personalized data that allows the user to drill down for further details
    • Ability to take immediate action and collaborate with others from the device
    • Extra input devices (barcode, camera)

Additional High-Level Considerations for Choosing a Mobile BI Reporting Suite

    • Don’t automatically select your existing BI vendor as your mobile BI vendor.  Consider the vendor’s BI roadmap and vision for the future, not just their existing offerings.  Mobile BI looks to become the new preferred method of BI delivery so this is a critical decision that should be carefully evaluated.

    • Will you be able to reuse existing BI artifacts? While you should not automatically go with your existing vendor, don’t minimize the challenges of switching vendors.  Will you be able to leverage existing BI reports and metadata or will you have to start from scratch?

    • Which mobile devices does your enterprise support?  Do you have a long-term strategy for mobile device management within your enterprise?  The variety (or lack thereof) of devices can be a major influencer in choosing a vendor that uses either a Native App or Mobile Browser.

    • What are the major business requirements that you are trying to fulfill?  What type of usage do you expect?  Report viewing, KPI monitoring, Data Exploration?

For more information on mobile BI deployment, as well as many other critical issues around business intelligence strategy, reporting and analytics, there is still time to register for BI 2013.  Visit to see a full list of conference tracks and sessions and to download the brochure. 

I hope to see you there. 

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