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We are implementing the Fiori tile with CDS View for the output in Analysis Office.  We will access the output in the Analysis Office (AO) once the Fiori tile is clicked.

FYI...We do not use WebIde and OData Services in this process.

Pre-Requisite: Analysis Office add-in plug should be installed in your excel.

Please find the below steps for the process.

  1. Open the new excel -> Go to Analysis Tab -> Select Insert Data Source (Skip if any BI login pop-up occurs).

Select the development system and Provide the SQL View name of those CDS which starts with prefix '2C' -> Click OK


2.  Currently, no data will be shown in the excel, Go to Display Option and you have to drag and drop the fields into Rows or Columns as per your requirement.


3.  Drag and drop the fields from Data source to Rows as per my requirement and you can see all the data in the excel now.


4. Now before saving the file, just check the components tab and check the file name.


5. Now save the file as per your project guidelines.


6. After Saving the file, We need to export this file to the SAP Netweaver Platform and we should contact the security team for exporting this file as we do not permissions to save in SAP.



7.  After exporting -> Go to SAP system -> T.code RSA1 -> Select Transport Connection tab-> Object Types and double click on "Select Objects".

We can see the same excel in SAP which was exported from local


8. Go to T.code Launchpad designer /N/UI2/FLPD_CUST and create a Catalog. Before creating a catalog, Create a customizing request and provide the TR in frontend system.

Create a Semantic Object /UI2/SEMOBJ and maintain the entries of the catalog in table /UI2/V_ALIASCAT using SM30 into the Gateway frontend system.


   9.  Save the catalog after providing the Parameters input ( The Target URL will populate automatically after save).


     Now create Target mapping and provide the below values in the parameters and SAVE


10.  Now we have to create the Group -> Provide the Title and ID and click on '+', Add your catalog.


11. The catalog and group are created and now the security team has to define the roles for this catalog and group. After Assigning the roles, we can see the tile like the below screenshot.



12. After clicking on this tile, the AO output excel file will be downloaded directly into your local system.


Summary:  We can see the output in excel through Fiori Tile with CDS View coding and we can also modify the rows and columns in the excel as per our convenience.

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