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Sometimes there will be a need to connect to SAP HANA cloud and extract high volume data from remote Database.

Below we see steps that are required to create a connection between SAP Datasphere and SAP HANA Cloud(BTP)


Connect to SAP HANA Cloud (BTP) from SAP Datasphere

create a connection successfully!


1.Logon to SAP Datasphere and select “Connections” from the main menu.

2.Select Create option from Menu.

3.Select SAP HANA from the menu



a) Port No: 443

b) Host: We get Host information SAP HANA Database Explorer

5.Please provide SAP HANA Coud DB instance credentials (DBADMIN / Instance Name)

6.Provide connection name you want use


7.We can check the newly created connection

8.Final step to see the remote SAP HANA Cloud DB objects from SAP Datasphere


Following the above steps, we can establish a local connection and extract underlying tables and business data available on SAP HANA cloud.

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