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Hi All,

In this blog you will find the steps to create different charts on overview page in web ide using V3 northwind odata service .


1.Create Account on Cloud Cockpit and open Web IDE.

2. Set the destination in Web IDE.

3. Enable the overview plugin go to Setting -> optional plugin ->select Overview Plugin and save.

4. Create a new project by selecting new project from template and select overview page template.

5.Enter Project and click next.

6. Select Service URL select the northwind odata sercvice and enter URL

7. Upload any annotations file (.xml ) we will update that file afterward.

8. Enter project Namespace and click next.

9. Click on finish.

10. Now you can see you project file structure.

11. If you do not have seperate annotation folder .Create new annotations folder and copy paste local_annotation.xml file in annotations folder .

12. To create cards right click on the project.Select new ->card

13. Select the data source from existing Datasource.Click next

14. Select line chart from the card .click Next

15. Select the entity set Products and give Category name.

16.Click on finish.

Check your manifest.json file  .You will get all the information that you have entered while creating cards.

17. open annotation file and copy paste the content of attached localAnnotations_1(2).xml file .

18.Right click on the project and run to see ouput.

Follow the same steps for  Donut and Bubble Chart.

Annotations for other two chart is attached just copy paste the content in your annotation file.


localAnnotations_1(3).xml file --------DONUT chart annotation

Manifest.json ------Use Entity set category_Sales_for_1997.



localAnnotations_1(4).xml file --------BUBBLE chart annotation.

Manifest.json ------Use Entity set Invoices




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