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FIORI is the new user interface in SAP S/4HANA that uses application to execute the business process within enterprises. The SAPGUI transaction codes is no longer available in the application tree or command button in the SAP easy access screen. In FIORI we have tiles in the Home Page screen that represents the Apps.

The steps described in this blog will let you know the possibility to activate transaction codes in FIORI. We will enable the field to insert the transaction code just like the SAPGUI and call any transaction available in FIORI.

Follow the steps described in this blog, or watch the demonstration in the below video to check how to activate this feature.


1. You might review the SAP Note 2679992 if you want with some information on this procedure:


2. FIORI Application Type Identification

FIORI has the Application Type as one of Product Feture described in FIORI Library. Applications can be SAPGUI or SAP UI5. Since the field to insert the transaction is displayed only within Application type SAPGUI, we must check in the library which are the SAPGUI applications to display the OK Code field in FIORI.


3. Joining the App

The field for transaction entry (or OK Code) isn't displayed in the FIORI Home Page screen as it does in SAPGUI easy access screen. o have Ok Code activated we must access an existing application defined as SAPGUI application type. In the previous example we used the app: Create Supplier Invoice as follows:


4. Where activate the OK Code field.

In the SAPGUI application the menu: GUI Actions and Settings -> Settings will be available.


5. How to Activate the OK Code Field:

Just flag on the option Show OK Code field and save.


6. Calling SAPGUI transactions in FIORI

After last step immediately enables the access in any SAPGUI transaction in FIORI by emulating its screens and functionalities.


It's even possible to access the SPRO and perform all settings.


The SPRO menu is available as if it were in the SAPGUI itself, but here with the advantage of not installing the SAPGUI Frontend natively, nor worrying about downloads and authorizations from corporate computers.


I hope you enjoyed this content. Be sure to access the video for more details / demonstration and follow my youtube channel.

See you next blog!
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