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                    Steps for BI Launchpad URL customization in Business objects 4.0


The Default BI Launchpad URL is http://systemname:8080/BOE/BI. We can customize default URL into some standard name  like

Pre requisites

  • Needs to create system DSN for custom URL ( ) in the respective server with the help of network team.
  • Set the custom URL into physical server using the setspn -a HTTP/ sa_bobj_prd syntax (as an example)
  • Change the BO config files  web.xml and sever.xml file. Please follow the below steps for config file changes


1.     1. Taking the backup for Server.xml from the tomcat conf folder and index.html in the tomcat root folder.

     Copy the Server.XML from E:\Program Files \Business Objects\Tomcat55\conf


     Copy the  Index.html from E:\Program Files\SAP BusinessObjects\Tomcat6\webapps\ROOT

     2. The Backup (server.xml and Index.html) copy has been placed into E:\Tomcat backup (for future use)



           3. Stopping the SIA and Tomcat server before changing the port number in the server.xml and index.html



          4. Modifying  the index.html file  in  E:\Program Files\Business Objects\Tomcat55\webapps\ROOT

     Add the below script into index.html file

     <SCRIPT language-“javascript”>

            5. Change the port number in the server.xml file ( from 8080 to 80)



         6. Starting the BOE & Apache Tomcat server after changing the server.xml


           7. Checking the BI Launchpad using the custom url   after restarting the servers



          8. While logging off  the Bi launchpad. it remains the same custom URL


          9. Since we have changed the port number 8080 to 80.The infoview  URL changed into the http://systemname/BOE/BI. The same is applicable for & LCM  as  well.

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