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Hi All,

In this blog, we can see the step-by-step process of integrating SAP Solution Manager 7.2(SolMan) to external system. Here we will consider Service Now (SNOW) as External System.


SAP Solution Manager is an Incident Life Cycle tool for SAP Systems. There are many such tools in market for different ERP which does the same job. Organizations may have more Incident Lifecycle tool and managing them centrally helps organization to view status of incident in a single dashboard.

Integrating two different ERP systems is achieved only with HTTP Calls and without middleware. This blog will cover the integration between SOLMAN and SNOW for the Incidents, Problem management and Service requests to be communicated between these two systems which are connected through HTTP/HTTPS SOAP 1.1 call.

Incidents created/updated in Solution Manager should be integrated to Service Now and Vice Versa.

High Level Architecture

Detailed Architecture

Mid Server is Java Application built by Service Now to access SAP System outside its Network. Since Service Now is in Cloud, it can’t access SAP without this server. Mid Server is set of libraries that must be installed in Firewall of SAP Network Settings.

Steps to Implement Outbound Process (Data to be transferred from Solution Manager to Service Now)

Proxy CO_PCICT_SERVICE_DESK_API is the Default Service available in SAP Solution Manager System.  SAP Solution Manager 7.2 doesn’t have ABAP Classes which can send Data to External System by Default. Enhancement to be done to trigger the data Flow.

Service Consumer proxy for external WSDL can’t handle response as it doesn’t have ABAP Class. Response must be handled separately via Service Provider Proxy.

Step to Create Service Consumer Proxy for Outbound Request:

  1. Get WSDL from Service Now Team

  2. Create Service Consumer from the WSDL

Service Consumer


3.Methods and Fields inside the WSDL structure can be viewed in External View.

Service Consumer Methods

4. SOAMANGER must be configured. Service Now URL can be maintained in Transport Settings


Steps to Create Enhancement for Outbound

  1. Create an Enhancement Implementation for Standard BAdI ORDER_SAVE. It gets triggered during Save event in Incident management system


BAdI Implementation

Now Implementation Class and Proxy is Created.  Once the fetching logic is processed, Proxy class method can be called which in turn sends the data to Service Now System.

Useful Tips:

  1. FM CRM_ORDER_READ will give incident details by simply passing Run time GUID

Function Module

      2.Long Texts can be fetched from GET_TEXTS method of CL_AGS_CRM_1O_API class

       3. Partner Related information like Reported By, Sold-to-party, Assignment Group, Assigned To can be processed by passing Partner Number from Partner Tab to BUT000 Table and Partner Functions for Each partners determines the Role.

      4.Long Text Related information can be process by identifying Text Id of Each line in Text Table

         5.Category Information can be processed by passing Aspect GUID and Category GUID to class CL_CRM_ML_CATEGORY_UTIL and method GET_SELECTED_CATEGORY_TREE


Steps to Create Service Provider Proxy for Outbound Response:

WSDL generated from this Proxy can be utilized to send Response for request sent from Service Provider Proxy created above.

Create FM with import parameters in such a way that it should populate values for ICT_INCIDENTGUID and ICT_INCIDENTATTR tables for Solman Service Now Incident GUID Mapping

  1. Create Remote Enabled Function module and convert the FM to Web Service (Create a Web Service from Function Module, go to Utilities -> More Utilities -> Create Web Service -> From Function Module)

Web Service from Function Module

       2.Service Provider Proxy is generated along with Webservice and Implementing Class.

Service Provider Proxy

      3.SOAMANAGER must be configured. WSDL can be generated from Open Binding WSDL Generation.

SOAMANAGER For Service Provider

Steps to Activate Service Consumer Proxy for Inbound Calls

Step 1: Go to SPRO and navigate to Web Service Based Configuration under External Integration



Step 2: Click on  button against Configure Service Consumer. Get

Step 3: Get Service Consumer name (CO_PCICT_SERVICE_DESK_API) from Performance Activity and enter it in SOAMANGER window which was opened.

Step 4: Create a logical port for the proxy and make it default.

Step 5: Got to SPROXY and WSDL for the consumer Proxy can be imported from here .

WSDL For Service Provider

Step 6: Data can be passed to any method of this WSDL structure and based on requirement and Incidents can be processed (Create/Update/Delete/Read) in the database .

Service Provider Method

Test Output: Incident Created at Solman using ITSM Tool.

Incident Creation in Solution Manager

Incident automatically triggered to Service Now System with the help of enhancement.

Incident Reflecting in Service Now

Updated that incident in Service Now System (Updated Description Field)

Update the incident in Service Now

Changes/update happened in Service Now System is reflecting in Solman ITSM system

Updates Reflecting in Solution Manager



Notes : This method can be used to integrate any SAP System to Non SAP System or other ERP System.

Relevant SAP sources (external service desk coupling content):

SAP content

Service Desk Implementation Guide Part II

Activating ICT_SERVICE_DESK_API in 7.1

Whitepaper SAP Solution Manager 7.0 Service Desk WebService API

SAP Solution Manager 4.0 Service Desk WebService API

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