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This document is plotted based on the latest standard procedure of TREX upgrade . It's an updated version of my previous document

Version Details:

Source Version of TREX: TREX 7.10 PL 58

Target Version of TREX : TREX 7.10 PL 65

Download Location:

>  Support Packages and patches

>  Browse our Download Catalog

>  SAP Netweaver and complementary products



>  Entry By Component

>  Search & Classif. (TREX)

>  TREX 7.10

>  Platform

Upgrade Process:

As mentioned in previous document , TREX version can be updated till 7.10 PL 57 via sapinst available under TREX UPDATE SAR file [format: TREX71_<version>-<*>.SAR >]. However from TREX 7.10 PL 58 onwards, SWPM (SWPM)needs to be used for TREX version update. Exceptionally , in some scenarios, shell scripts also requires to be used for TREX update, which will be shown in lateral part of this document.

Process 1 : Along with SWPM -

1. Download SWPM from below location : (Need authorized S user ID)

>  SL ToolSet > Software Logistics Toolset 1.0

>  System Provisioning

>  Download Tool

>  Support Packages Patches

>  Select OS

>  SWPM10SP<*> 7<*>.SAR

2. Extract both the SWPM & TREX UPDATE SAR files and keep it in a separate location.

3. Execute SWPM with ROOT user and select "UPDATE - TREX System" as shown in below screen shot :

4.  Provide the TREX binary file location: ( Path : Under extracted TREX SAR file , navigate to tx_trex_content/TX_<OS>/LABEL.ASC  )

5.  Then provide residual inputs in following screens till EXECUTION phase. Once completed, check the TREX updated version in TREXADMIN (either via TREXADMIN transaction or else via script. If it gets updated then well and good or else follow Process - 2 .

Process 2 : Along with shell script -

1.  Navigate to TREX SAR file  extracted directory and then from tx_trex_content/TX<OS>/ execute following command via ROOT user :

./ --action=update --sid=<TREX SID> --password=<password of TREX_SID_ADM user> --restart

At the end it should SUCCESSFUL as follows for successfull completion of TREX update :

2. After this , it should show latest version in TREXADMIN

NB: In case you are running in multinode TREX system, then execute the above command from MASTER1 , which will update the TREX version in other backup master nodes as well .

Reference Link :

1. Note : 2242152

    * Standard documents can be found from the provided path details in the abpve mentioned note .



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