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Hello All,

In this blog want to explain about a Backend and fiori post go live configurations Steps in Production System for Hub system.

Gateway  have two types of systems one is Hub system and another one is Embedded system.

Hub system:

Hub system means the front end system and Backend system are in Separated system.

Embedded System:

It means the front end and Backend systems are in single system.

Backend Configurations:

Step 1:

After moving the Backend Gateway code to Production. We need to Activate the Gateway service in Gateway Production System in SICF Tcode.

Step 2:

Go to SICF Tcode and enter the Given below path and activate the Gateway service.

Path( Acitivating the Gateway service):


Step 3:

Click on Execute as shown  Below.

Step 4:
After Open the above path Right click on Gateway service and there is an Option called' Activate Service' Click on that and activate .

Step 5:

Adding System Alias:


If System Alias are not moved through Transport request then we can add as manually like as Below steps.

1.After Completion of above steps Go to Tcode '/IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE' there is an option called Filter on the top.Click on that  and search the Gateway service.And Select the service name from below there is an option called 'ADD SYSTEM ALIAS'.


1.Go to Transaction code SPRO Open the SAP Reference IMG and Navigate to SAP Netweaver Gateway Odata channel Configuration settings.
2.SAP Gateway to SAP System manage system Alias and click on the activity icon Choose New Entries and click on save button.

FIORI(Front end Configuration):

1.After moving the Font end code to Gateway Production.We have to clear the cache for below reports.




2.Go to SE38 Tcode.Enter a above reports and execute.


1.Go to SICF Tcode and click on execute button as shown in below.

2.Provide the BSP name,Click on Apply Button and activated the highlighted services as shown below.

Hope this Blog will helps..

Thank You.




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