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This is a very simple document which will give you step by step guidance on how to consume HANA views in Business objects dashboard.

you have to create a universe in semantic layer using IDT (Information Design Tool). Using the universe we create a report in Dashboard.

Creating dashboard on HANA views involves three basic steps.


HANA views- Analytic view is already created in SAP HANA.

Execution steps:

  1. Creation of a universe.
  2. Creation of a dashboard.
  3. Publishing and viewing dashboards.

For Universe Development Please Click here

Detailed Steps:

1.   Click on Start -->SAP Business Intelligence-->SAP Business Objects Dashboards.

Dashboard main screen gets open

Click on file -->new

After clicking on new you will find new sheet on your screen.

Now to select your chart go to component tab which is on the left side.

Click on column chart

Drag and drop the column chart on the main screen

After that go to query browser-->Add query.

System will ask you username and password after filling all details click on ok.

You will get multiple options universe and BEx.

Choose universe and then click next

Your system name and universe will get reflect and then click on next.

Your system name and universe will get reflect and then click on next.

Select your universe name BL_Po_Analysis.unx and click on next.

Once you select your universe all dimensions and measure will get visible on left side under BL_PO_Analysis.

Drag and drop dimension PO_Nmbr and Measure Qty in the result objects and click ok.

After Build Query then comes Preview query result where you can see PO_nmbr and Qty then click ok.

In this usage options We can set the Refresh Options and Load Status messages.

Click “OK” to confirm the selection and execute the Query.

After this you can see your column chart on screen and on right side there is radio button name By Range click on that radio button.

Go to query browser-->Result Objects. Your dimension PO_Nmbr and measure Qty, Click on  Insert in Spreadsheet one after the other.

Choose po_nmbr. Once you select po_nmbr which is dimension then spreadsheet range will get display.

Then select number of columns listed under po_numbr in the below spreadsheet.

Just for our understanding you can add color the selected fields.

After selecting fields from po_numbr click ok.

In the same way select Qty that is measure select it and click on ok in the select a range box.

Give different colour for better understanding.

After selecting qty click ok.

Once you click on by series radio button then select qty which is your measure in the spreadsheet then range value will get display and then click on ok.

In the same way now select po_numbr which is dimension then range value gets display and then click ok.

When you select your dimension and measure that is po_numbr and qty from the below spreadsheet then click on preview button which is on the top.

Now here you can see your column chart ready after clicking on preview button.

In this chart you can see series2 which is nothing but when you choose by series radio button series get reflect and po_nmbr (dimension) and Qty (Measure).

Hope this helps to the freshbees on SAP HANA and Business Objects Dashboards.

Thanking you,

Shraddha Adsule

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