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Guides :

     Before installation,run through the master guides, installation and media guides. --> SAP Components --> Solution Manager --> Release 7.1

Important Notes:



SAP Solution Manager 7.1 Installation

Central Installation Note for Solution Manager 7.1


Documentation : SAP Solution Manager

Information about scenarios, configurations, implementation, upgrade, maintenance, Security, sizing, end user usage, enhancements using Support Packages or problem analyses with regard SAP Solution Manager.


End-to-End Diagnostics

Information about availability and limitations of End-to-End Diagnostics.


DB6: Supporting several database partitions with DB2

Platform specific additional information’s about the support of multiple partitions with DB2 for Linux, Unix and Windows.


Installation Pre-requisite Checker

SAP software on Unix, Windows and IBM i: Checking OS dependencies


Supported Languages and Code

Information on possible languages and language combinations in SAP


Support Package levels of Solution Manager Installations/upgrades

Information about ABAP Support Package levels and Kernel patch level


SUSE Linux Enterprise server 11:Installation notes


Linux: Preparing SLES for SAP environments


SAP Memory management for 64-bit Linux systems


Softwares required: --> SAP Software Download Center --> A-Z Index --> S --> SAP Solution Manager --> SAP Solution Manager 7.1 --> Installation --> Linux --> DB2

Download the following software : (preferably, the latest release)

SolMan Installation Master
DB2 Database
RDBMS Client
SR1 Java Component
Kernel SWPM

These are the general software's necessary to start with the installation. For any add-on's and other software's, go through the SAP Guides.

Installation Procedure:

     Before starting the installation, run the prerequisite tracker in the standalone mode.


Once completed successfully, start with the installation procedure.


Choose custom on your next screen to specify all the required parameters manually.

Next, specify the location of your kernel software.


On the next screen,Provide the value for the parameters SAPSID and the mount directory


Parameter for DNS Domain Name


Set the master password used for all accounts


Set the OS Parameter Password( preferably, same as master password)


Give the DBSID and Database host name                                                                                                                                                                              

Enter the name of database connect user and database schema of AS ABAP                                                                                                                  

Enter the name of database connect user and database schema of AS JAVA


Specify the database software destination


Enter the password for operating system parameters


Enter the password for Java Database Connect User


Enter the administrator password


Enter the location of the installation export DVD(part I)


Enter the location of the installation export DVD(part II)


Enter the location of DB2 Software package


Enter the database specific parameter ports


Specify the memory to be used for the database


Specify the location of Java component


Specify as when to create the tablespace and whether the storage management is automatic


Specify the General load parameters


Specify the key phrase for encrypting the secure store


Specify the parameters for the CI and SCS


Specify port details for CI ans SCS


Specify the UID for UME users in ABAP system


Specify the passwords for UME users in ABAP system


Select the archives that are to be unpacked


Specify the SLD destination (It is a local SLD)


Specify the parameters for the local SLD


Specify DASID and if the system is unicode


Enter the password for the Diagnostic Agent parameter


Specify the SLD destination for the Diagnostic Agent


Select the archives that are to be unpacked


The next screen is your parameter summary, click next to proceed to the installation or revise if any changes needed.


Click OK, and it is done

Kindly go through the SAP Master, Installation and Media guides before you start the installation.


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