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                    SAP CCMS (Computer Center Management System) monitor allows you to monitor the performance of your SAP R/3 System landscape in a centralized manner. It retrieves and reports metrics using SAP’s new centralized monitoring architecture. SAP administrator can monitor all server, components and resources in his R/3 landscape from one single Centralized Server.

1.1  Download the ccmsagent for the satelite system (unicode or non-unicode, database independent) Available with the kernel files. (Version independent, only the latest version available).

1.2  Copy the downloaded ccmagentfile to the satellite system, uncar it (extraction command shown below) and copy the extracted file and past to   \usr\sap\PRFCLOG folder.

1.3  Logon to ADMINISTRATIOR user

  • open command prompt
  • Go to PRFCLOG location where we copied the extracted files.
  • Then run “ccmsping –push –n00 –r” command.


1.4   After running the ccmsping command, enter the details of the monitoring system:

  • SAP System ID                   : <enter the SID>
  • Client No                             : (can also be done in default 000 client)
  • User                                    : <username>
  • Language                             : EN(Default)
  • <SID>-MS hostname                : <Hostname or Host system IP>
  • Load Balance                        : n
  • App.server hostname             : Hostname or IP(leave it default)
  • System Number                    :<Central Instance Number>
  • Router String                        :Optional
  • Trace Level                           :0(Default)
  • Pwd from solman                  :******

For RFC communication purpose, gateway system is needed. Assign the same monitoring system for the gateway connection. Enter the monitoring system details.

1.5:  Create an user CSMREG, if not exists.


  Procedure for CSMREG user creation

    • Logon to RZ21 T-Code (Monitoring System)
    • Select Technical Infrastructure -> Configure Cerntral System -> Create CSMREG user

  For RFC communication purpose again we have to provide following user information

    • User name                   : CSMREG (User type: “communication”)
    • Client No                      :100 (can also be done in default 000 client,provided CSMREG exists)
    • Language                      :EN (Default)
    • <SID>-MS hostname        : (Hostname or Host system IP)
    • Load Balance                :n
    • App.server hostname     :Hostname or IP (leave it default)
    • System Number            :00 (Central Instance Number)
    • Router String                 :Optional
    • Trace Level                    : 0 (Default)
    • Pwd from csmreg           :******

Start type service should be in AUTO mode

Now check the CCMSPING.00 service file in Satellite System (It should be in started mode)

RFC CREATED SUCCEFULLY (chek in SM59 transaction, monitoring system).

1.6   Make an entry of the monitored system in the file(Monitoring System)C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\services

       Make the entry as  'sapms<SID>        3600/tcp'      (SID of monitored sys)

1.7  Go to RZ21 T-Code (Monitoring System)

    • Select technical infrastructure –> availability monitoring –> configure CCMSPING availability mon.

      Configure availability and performance overview as shown above

    • select Monitoring -> Create System

     Enter the SID of the system to be monitored in the small window that opens and press continue, enter the details as shown below


   select Copy connection data and options

  • Finally SAVE the changes and ACTIVATE logon checks.

1.8 :  Check whether the newly added system is available for monitoring

    • Go to Transaction RZ20
    • SAP CCMS monitoring temp –> Availability and performance overview –> Double click

  •      satellite system available for monitoring. Successfully created.
  • Check the stats by turning off the SAP Satellite system–status going down to 40%(shown below)

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