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This document will guide you in adding an ABAP system to solution Manager 7.1.

As a first step in adding the system to Solution Manager, the system should be made available in the SLD. An ABAP system could be added to the SLD using the transaction RZ70 after logging into the Managed System,

In the SLD Administration Screen “activate (F8)” the changes and execute “Start Data Collection and Job Scheduling (F5)”

In the next screen confirm the selections,

Once the data collection is completed and the data is being pushed to the SLD you will get the screen as given below.

Once the above step is complete, you need to login to the SLD through the url,

http://<SLD HOST>:PORT/sld  using a user who is an SLD Administrator

In the SLD, navigate to Technical Systems,

In the Technical system type filter select “WEB AS ABAP” and the SID of the system which you are trying to add to SLD and Go

From the above screen shot we have added the system successfully to SLD.

The next step is to make the system available in LMDB, for doing the same we need to login to Solution Manager System

In the solution Manager System make sure that job “LANDSCAPE  FETCH” is finished,

Once the job “LANDSCAPE  FETCH” is completed make sure that LMDB sync has reached 100%

Once the LMDB sync is completed, goto SMSY in Solution Manager,

Expand Product Systems and then the system type relevant for you,

***********You have successfully added your system to solution Manager*************

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