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ITS(Internet Transaction Server ) mobile is a SAP technology to connect mobile devices to a SAP system in order to run applications based on the widely used Dynpro programming model.

SAP ITS mobile used in:

  1. SAP ECC (Warehouse management, IM management (custom) and Yard Management, Task and Logistics Executions, etc. inbuilt standard SAP Tcodes).
  2. SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management).
  3. SAP AII (Auto ID – RFID).
  4. Non-SAP application that supports browser based devices.
  5. It can also be used for applications that built to support web browser signature capture, approval, mobile printer, GPS device, camera, etc. as long as browser supports.

ITS is ABAP applications on mobile devices that has following advantages:

  1. The entire application can be developed using ABAP workbench.
  2. SAP GUI can be used for Windows to perform ABAP debugging and system landscape is not complex.
  3. The templates and generated HTML can be custom as per business requirement.
  4. HTML or JavaScript can be used as per device types in application.
  5. ITS mobile supports data input via 1D and 2D bar code scanning.

Different types of browsers:

  1. Pocket Browser
  2. Wavelink Industrial browser
  3. Internet Explorer

ITS mobile is browser based technology and thereby be used in any mobile device and take advantages of mobile application like bar code scanner, RFID reader and voice controlled application.

  This blog only provides the details on creating ICF Services. It is assumed that a Dynpro module pool report is already present. Please refer to the below link for creation of the ICF Services.


There are three main steps for creating an application

a) Generating an Internet Service and Templates.

b) Create an ICF service.

c) Test ICF service.

Generating an Internet Service and Templates.

In SE80 -

Select the package and create the Internet service, please check below screen shot.


Enter the service name and transaction code of test module pool program


Click on save and assign Package/Request details.

Enter Short text and verify Transaction code in the parameter tab. Then press Save.


Select all the screens in module pool program for which you want to create a template, and choose Create Template from context menu

Provide the following details

Internet Service:      That we have created earlier

Theme:                   99(Default ITS theme)

Generating Style:      Mobile Devices (No HTML Tables)


Assign package(Test Program Package)


Select the internet service created and in context menu, select Publish->Service File.


After receiving success message, Publish by selecting Publish->Complete Service.


Once published, we can see the success message saying 'Object published successfully. Site: INTERNAL'.

This completes the generation of the service and the templates. So that you can call your service using the browser. Now we need to create an ICF service that links previously created internet service with an HTTP access path.

Create an ICF path

Go to SICF transaction; execute the report to get into the second screen.

Navigate to the path default_host/sap/bc/gui/sap/its and right click and select

‘New sub-element’.


Give the same Internet service name as given in SE80.


Provide the description 1.

Change the GUI Link status to YES  and click the GUI configurations 

In the GUI configuration tab give the following parameters:

Mandatory service Parameters

~ITSMOBILE:            The ~ITSMOBILE parameter is mandatory and must be set to 1 for all mobile services. The parameter specifies that the particular service is for mobile devices and adjusts the ITS environment accordingly.

~TRANSACTION: The ~TRANSACTION parameter defines the transaction to be started in the SAP system and thus determines the application to be run in the Web Application Server. A template must be available in the service for every screen of this application that is called.

~THEME: The ~THEME parameter defines the template set that is to be used to display the transaction. You determine which theme must be specified when you generate the template. The generator saves the templates under the theme you specify.

And enter a CL_HTTP_EXT_ITS Handler on Handler list tab

Save the service, right click and activate it.


Test the ITS application:

In Transaction SICF, Right click on the service that is created and Test Service.

  1. 2. Right click on the Internet Service that is created & click on ‘Start Service’.


It will open a webpage and will display the application as seen in a handheld device.

Enter a user ID and Password and press ‘OK’ button. It opens the web browsers shows below.


Enter a valid Sales Document number and press ‘Enter’ button.

Next screen display Sales Document Details 


If above ITS Application is execute in ABAP Editor.

  1. Input Screen

2 . Next screen (Sales Docume)


Standard ITS programs:


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