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In this step-by-step HANA Sizing ABAP program, we are basically focusing that how simply we can generate the SAP HANA, SAP S/4 HANA and SAP S/4 HANA Simple finance memory sizing report which is given by SAP Notes: 1872170.

It can be useful for BASIS Consultant, ABAP Developer, Functional Consultant and the SAP Consultant have development authorization.

STEP 1.  Login into SAP System and click on System>Status

STEP2. It will pop-up System: Status dialogue window and click on DETAILS button

STEP 3:  It will display installed software in ‘Installed Software version tab’. Please check ‘component’, ’release’, ’SP-Level’, and ’Support Package’ as per the SAP pre-requisite system requirement. If it’s matching with SAP pre-requisite system requirement, then follow the below steps

STEP 4: Go to transaction code SE80 Object Navigator window and click on ‘Repository Browser tab’.

STEP 5: Select ‘Function Group’ from ‘Object Category List Box’

STEP 6: Give your own custom function group name in ‘Object Name Box’. Here I am using ‘ZS4HSIZING’.

STEP 7: Press Enter, it will display a pop-up message, click on OK button

STEP 8: It will display ‘Create function group’ pop-up window. Give the suitable description in short text box and click on SAVE button

STEP 9: Give the package name where we want to store the function group or save it in local object

STEP 10: Now, right click on function group and click on ‘ACTIVATE’

STEP 11: Now, again right click on function group and click on CREATE> FUNCTION MODULE or Go to transaction SE37 (Function Builder: Initial Screen) Give your own custom function module name and save under created function group and package name.

STEP 12: In function Module, Select GOTO and click on ‘GLOBAL DATA’ and paste the code from the attached ‘LZS4HSIZINGTOP.TXT’ file. Click on SAVE

STEP 13: Select the ‘IMPORT’ tab and pass the below parameters and select the all ‘OPTIONS’ and ‘PASS BY VALUE’ checkbox and press enter

STEP14: Click on ‘CHANGING’ tab and pass the below parameters, select the ‘PASS BY VALUE’ checkbox and press enter

STEP 15: Click on ‘EXCEPTIONS’ tab and pass the below parameter and press enter

STEP 16: Click the ‘SOURCE CODE’ tab and paste the code from attached S4H_COLLECT_STATS. TXT’ file

STEP 17: Select ‘ATTRIBUTE’ tab and select the radio button ‘Remote-Enabled Module’. SAVE and ACTIVATE the function module.

STEP 18: Now, Go to transaction SE38. Give custom program name with suitable description, package name/local object

STEP 19: Paste the code from attached ‘ZS4HDB_SIZE.TXT’ file into the report.

STEP 20:  Please check the code line number 1553 and 1607 that function module which you created is getting called here. (You can call your custom function module here with the same properties given in the attached file)

STEP 21:  SAVE and activate the report. Execute the ABAP HANA Sizing report with required details.

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