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1. Open Information Design tool and create a new project by clicking on new Button.

2. Create a relational connection to the ECC system. you can createit from context menu of Project or directly from new button.

3. Navigate to SAP --> SAP ERP 6 --> SAP JCo. Select the data middle ware driver as below.

4. On clicking “Next”, you will be asked to provide system details like IP, Host name, System number, System ID, username and Password. It is preferable to use a user ID whose Password won’t change in future.

4.  5. Test Connection.

6. A connection will be visible below the project as below.

7. Publish the created connection to the repository and create a shortcut to it in your PC for future usage.

8. Next Step is to create a data foundation. Right click on Project and create a data foundation. Choose the data foundation type as single source.

9. On clicking next you will be asked to select a connection from available connections.

Earlier an Infoset query should have been created in ECC using T code SQ02. Refer other available document for creating an Infoset.

10. In the data foundation, InfoSets available in R3 are displayed in the Connections window as below. You can either navigate through Hierarchy or search using technical names.

     11. Define Keys as per design. Here I am setting Document number as the key.

     12. After creating connection and data foundation, next step is to create business Layer.



     13. Choose the available data foundation from list.


     14. In this layer you can create new calculated measures, prompts, Aggragation type and many other front end functions.


14  15. Publish Universe to the repository.


     16. Open web Intelligence rich client. Create a query on top of the Published universe.



     17. Run Query. A report will be available as below.




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