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Step by step guide for adding custom fields in FPM for SAP TM. There are 2 scenarios as mentioned below

CASE 1: FBI View is Feeder Class parameter

We want to add field in the Stop as shown below

Now we know that this is the stop details, we need a custom field at stop level.

Backend Table changes to save the data

We want these fields to be persistent fields, so we add them in the persistent extension structure.

Structure          /SCMTMS/S_TOR_STOP_K

Extension Include - /SCMTMS/INCL_EEW_TOR_STOP

We have added a new field as shown below

Now adding the fields on the screen

Step 1:  Make sure you have FPM_CONFIG_EXPERT = ‘X’ set in user parameters

Step 2 – Enhance the UI structure

Go in the component configuration of the departure stop -> Click on Feeder class parameters

Now we get the FBI view - /SCMTMS/TOR_STOP_APPOINT


Start transaction SE84 and follow the following path: Repository Information System → Web Dynpro → Component Configurations.

  • On the selection screen enter /SCMTMS/TOR_STOP_APPOINT in field Component Configuration. Press F8.

  • In the following list mark the found entry. Press F7.

  • Click on button Display Configuration (or click on button Start Configurator and then on button Continue in Display Mode).


The structure /SCMTMS/S_UI_TOR_STOP_APPOINT is the structure for display.

Add field to the UI structure. Keep the name same as that of the stop node field.

Step 3 : Enhance the Component Configuration

Now after step 2 the new field will be available of us to be added in the Component Configuration

Click on Additional function à Enhance

Now we can edit the component configuration

We can see the newly added field as shown below, select the same and place at appropriate location

Save the enhancement


The new field is added on the screen and it is automatically saved in the stop as we have same name in the UI and the backend structure. If we are planning to pass the value from some different field, then we will have to create a determination for the same.

In this case it is not needed.


Case 2: Implementing Class is feeder class parameter

Scenario – We want to add field in the stages table, the field is stored in the STOP node in the background

Add the field in the Structure          /SCMTMS/S_TOR_STOP_K -- Extension Include - /SCMTMS/INCL_EEW_TOR_STOP

Step 2: Enhance the UI structure

Go in the component configuration of the departure stop -> Click on Feeder class parameters

Check the class for the UI structure

The UI structure is /SCMTMS/S_UI_TBI_FO_ROAD_STG

See the structure in the SE11 to get the Structure hierarchy

We are going to add the field in the above highlighted includes as these refer to the stops

Step 3: Enhance the Component Configuration

Add the field as the same will now be available in the Component Configuration

Save the enhancement


This field is updated in the corresponding stop.
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