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Business Scenario

To extract sales order tables- VBAK (sales document header data) and VBAP (Sales document Item data) from ECC to SAP HANA and further consume data to SAP BW powered by HANA.

We are using BODS, an external server to extract these tables.


To make you understand How to Extract SAP ECC tables in to SAP HANA and also modelling in SAP HANA and further consuming data to SAP BW powered by HANA.


  • HANA database upgraded to version HANA SPS 06 and above.
  • Knowledge of BO Data services.

In order to consuming HANA DB views to BW there are mainly three objects—

  1. 1> Transient Provider
  2. 2> Virtual Provider
  3. 3> Composite Provider

In this example we will use Transient Provider.

To make it more convenience to understand I split this scenario into Phase wise—


Step1>    Log in to BODS

               Create the Datastore connected to ECC.

Give the Credentials and click on advance where you need to give instance number .Apply and OK.

Observe the Newly created Datastore for ECC tables

1> create the datastore connected to HANA (Template Table)

Observe newly created Datastore

2> Now We will create the Project.Go to Help menu select start page.

3> Create the batch job.

     Select the Project--> New Batch Job

4> Create the Dataflow.

     Click on right panel of Batch job screen-->Add New-->Data flow

Rename the Data flow



Use the Template table as target for HANA datastore.

Now we are on Data flow screen, we need to add the ECC tables (VBAK and VBAP) in to Datastore (MY_PROJ2_ECC_DATASTORE) as a source and Template table as a target.

First we will add ECC table—

Select the Datastore MY_PROJ2_ECC_DATASTORE-->Expand-->Select Table-->right click-->Import by Name

Give the VBAK table name and click on Import button, likewise add one more table VBAP. Observe the added tables.

Now drag and drop the VBAK and VBAP tables in to Dataflow screen. These table we are taking as source.

Now Drag and Drop the Template table as a Target and assign the Target name as well as Schema name.

  Here Owner name is Schema name (In SAP HANA).

6>  Create the query transformation--

     Here we can maintain the joins and apply the Filters as per requirement.

     Right click on Dataflow screen—>Add new-->Query

7>  Map the Tables to Query and Query to Template Tables.

8>  Double click to Query to pass the desired fields from VBAK and VBAP fields.

     I have transferred few field from Schema IN to Schema Out from VBAK and VBAP tables by drag and drop.Here we can also write the statements, apply      the clauses to filter the data.

     Save all, Validate.

Click on Back Button, You will land on Dataflow screen

Again save all.

9>  Execute batch job


Job has executed successfully.

In the PART-2 we will see, How to do modelling in SAP HANA on extracted ECC tables using BODS and also consume HANA model in SAP BW Powered by HANA.




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