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I would like share a data mart scenario on HANA presented by SAP Lumira 1.16.

In this sample Direct Extractor Connector (DXC) method is used for Data Provisioning.

Sales Data will be retrieved from SAP ERP by embedded BW method. I want to skip the steps for setting up DXC on ERP and HANA side. After successfull setting up DXC we have ready to use 2 extractors ready to use data provision. Required tables will be appear under R3TSCHEMA tables.

DXC method will automatically insert required tables after successfully replication of metadata in BW system.

Tables /BIC/A2LIS_11_VAHDR00 and /BIC/A2LIS_11_VAITM00 will be used because they will contain the data.

In order to present data we need to create an analytic view by using those 2 tables. On the following image you can see the created analytic view which is called LUM_DXC

Now data is ready for presentation, any available tool can be used. In this scenario Lumira client version will be used.

Now we need to connect HANA in order to acquire data. Just press the Acquire Data icon and select Connect to SAP HANA One which is showed following image.

Also you can select from recently used part if you did it before. All server connection information should be entered to the following screen fields.

After entering the correct information just press connect and get the available views.

After sucessful connection all available views will be listed. Now we'll select our predefined view called LUM_DXC.

Once you have select the source of the data, remainning section is very much similar to any graphic tool, so I am skipping those steps. In my sample I like to see my data as follows:

Sorry for some labels are in local language :smile:

If you have any questions, please raise.



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