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Arch has built a framework for the development of Fiori-based processes, for S/4HANA and SAP Business Suite.  Using this framework, Stelo, SAP customers can model their own custom business processes and automatically generate Fiori apps on the SAP Cloud Platform to support multi-step processes.  Stelo enables the addition of business logic through simple ABAP user-exits instead of complex Gateway services, making ongoing maintenance much easier, and reducing the cost of ownership.

Since its launch, many organizations are enjoying benefits of Fiori on SAP Cloud Platform, seamlessly integrated with existing back-end solutions.

Custom Fiori app: Combined Goods and Services Receipt


As organisations move to the SAP Fiori paradigm for user interaction, the need arises to manage tailor-made Fiori processes and apps, beyond simply implementing library apps or delivering a like-for-like replacement of an SAP transaction.

Stelo provides the framework for the development and management of custom SAP Fiori-based processes, enabling organisations to easily build and maintain a suite of Fiori apps and also the related end-to-end business processes.

Accelerated Development

Organisations planning wide adoption of the SAP Fiori user experience will require the development of a number of custom SAP Fiori apps. Using Stelo, the development process is significantly faster than using the standard tools alone.

Stelo was the first third-party plug-in for SAP WebIDE.  Using Stelo, developers can  automatically generates the Fiori app in SAP WebIDE, based on back-end SAP configuration, ensuring that each data field within the app is integrated with back-end data.

The resulting apps can further be enhanced in SAP WebIDE and published to an on-premise system or to the SAP Cloud Platform.

With Stelo Fiori apps are easier to develop because the platform looks after the heavy-lifting of communication.

‘Single Stem’ interface

All data communication is handled using a pre-delivered, dynamic SAP Gateway service. This means that there is no need to develop a suite of custom SAP Gateway services to support your Fiori apps: A huge benefit for development and subsequent maintenance.

Further, Stelo automatically supports a range of common functions so that they can be included in the app without any development.

Apps and Processes

Stelo includes a process integration framework, which enables Fiori app processes to be modelled easily. This enables routing and notifications for multi-step processes, and centralised control for all SAP updates.

Business logic can be added for key data services, such as data derivation and validation, which are automatically called at run-time.


Using Stelo provides organisation with standard approaches to build Fiori apps and manage Fiori processes. This means that ongoing maintenance is easier and the cost of ownership is lower.

Business logic for the data services is easily maintained in delivered user-exits, enabling a common way to manage data services for any app. Additional services can be added to search and retrieve data dynamically based on user actions.

Some Fiori apps form part of a wider business process which may involve multiple user touch points. Each process initiated using a Stelo app is managed using an SAP document, which can be tracked using standard administration tools. Administrators can monitor each process using the Stelo Dashboard, be notified of any update issues and re-assign work in progress.

Expand SAP to new processes

With Stelo, the SAP Fiori apps are not tied to a single SAP update, and so the app design is not constrained by SAP BAPI parameters. Instead, each app can trigger multiple different SAP functions and updates, to provide a much closer fit to business process requirements.

This enables you to do more with SAP Fiori, since you are able to model your business processes alongside your Fiori apps. This means that SAP updates can be de-coupled from the user interface, and each Fiori app can form part of dynamic and auditable processes.


Stelo consists of 4 key components:

  • Stelo Core: An ABAP Add-in, installed on your S/4HANA or SAP Netweaver system

  • Stelo Application Interface: A Gateway service handling all run-time and design-time communication between the back-end system and the Fiori apps

  • Stelo Wizard: A plug-in ‘feature’ for SAP WebIDE, running on SAP Cloud Platform, for automatic app generation at design-time.

  • Stelo Dashboard: A library app for the administration of Stelo processes.

Typical Architecture with apps published to SAP Cloud Platform

With Stelo there is no need to be running specific versions of SAP Business Suite or ERP, and no dependency on using HANA, so SAP customers can get started with Fiori easily using Stelo wherever they are in their SAP journey.

Stepping Stone to the Cloud

Stelo adds particular value for customers who are starting out on their SAP Cloud journey, as it enables organisations with traditional SAP ABAP and configuration skills to build and deploy Fiori apps on the SAP Cloud.  The SAP Cloud enables organisations to reach more user communities, and with Stelo they can support new business processes, reaching more user touchpoints than ever before.

See Stelo on the SAP Developer Showcase

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