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With SAP TechEd && d-code, as SAP's premiere technical education conference, I hope to experience some great hands-on workshops.  This is my win big entry.

My Location: Las Vegas or Berlin? Las Vegas - where else can you get a ride from the airport to the hotel for $8?  Where is the world's best gelato (my opinion) - Las Vegas.

My Plan: I am excited for so many of them, but I list a few below of interest:

Session IDTitle
DMM260Big Data with SAP HANA Including Hadoop and Smart Data Access
EA161Using SAP Predictive Analysis with SAP Business Warehouse and SAP HANA
EA163Deep-Dive into SAP Lumira – Desktop, to Server, Cloud, or BI Platform
EA263Create ERP Operational Reporting with SAP HANA Live and SAP Analytics
EA264SAP HANA LIVE – Customizing and Consumption of Standard Information Views
EA265SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1 with SAP NetWeaver BW on SAP HANA
EA268Build Analytical and Planning Apps with SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio
EA360Power Up Your Self-Service BI with Custom Visualizations

DMM260 has a great speaker line-up including henrique.pinto (a SAP Mentor) who answers discussions here on SCN with what seem to be in-depth blogs.  Big data is still a hot topic.  I saw balaji.krishna present this year at ASUG Annual Conference on Hadoop and HANA and it was a highly attended great session.

EA161 includes great speakers ingo.hilgefort (another SAP Mentor) and charles.gadalla, both who have given highly rated presentations in the past.  While I have tried Predictive Analysis before I haven't with BW or HANA.  Charles gave two memorable sessions on Predictive at ASUG Annual Conference, including one about how the Obama Campaign used SAP tools to help win the election (blog is coming some day from me on this).

EA163 Deep-dive into Lumira - while I have used Lumira Desktop and Cloud, I haven't used Lumira on the BI Platform.  ashishc.morzaria is an outstanding speaker and so is christina.obry.  Ashish is good for explaining how things really are and understands the customer.  Christina has written some of the best and most detailed blogs on Lumira here on SCN.

EA263 and 264 HANA Live is the future of Embedded Analytics, something of interest to me.  Plus in one of the sessions Henrique is the speaker again in one of the sessions.

EA265 BI4.1 with BW - every year I attend this popular session with SAP's Ingo Hilgefort.  He knows all about SAP integration and is an outstanding presenter and speaker.  He senses when you are experiencing trouble and is there to help.  This year Lumira has new integration with SAP solutions so that is a new topic in the BusinessObjects BI for SAP space.

EA268 SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio - if you follow this very active space on SCN you know there are questions.  It is a flexible tool.  SAP Design Studio Product Management jie.deng and david.stocker are presenting; I have attended their sessions as well before and they always ensure attendees learn the most they possibly can about Design Studio.

EA360 Power Up Your Self-Service BI with Custom Visualizations - I wish I could attend this to learn more about D3, JavaScript with SAP BusinessObjects Lumira.  The speakers, Matt Lloyd and David Stocker, are both very technical speakers on this topic.  This is really a *wish list* item, especially since I am not a programmer but I am interested.

To be fair, I haven't yet tried to pull together a schedule yet.  But it would be my dream to try to attend all these sessions.

What you’re looking forward to the most: Monday, October 20th, ASUG Hands-on BI.4.1 BW on HANA session with SAP’s Ingo Hilgefort. He has literally written the books to go to on these topics and new this year is Lumira Server and Predictive Analysis. Over 8+ hours hands-on with a known expert like Ingo.  Joyce Butler writes more about this here ASUG Pre-Conference Sessions at SAP TechEd && d-code

Registration is filling up so if you are interested in this I highly recommend registering as soon as possible.

Advice for first timers: Have a plan but be flexible to changes in your schedule. Get plenty of rest before the week too. Make sure you step outside at least once a day.  Also be sure to recap your event here on SCN.  I did this after my first TechEd in 2007 and it is fun to look back.  Don't forget that TechEd doesn't end after October 24th - there is always Virtual TechEd.

You can take advantage of this unique opportunity to expand your skill base – to excel at your job.  Stay ahead and attend SAP TechEd && d-code Las Vegas.

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