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According to the current discussion on Twitter via judson.wickham3, christian.happel, Jürgen Eisele and myself about the process of PSM requests for Business ByDesign development, I want to write some lines about this.

I also want enhance this topic a little bit with the general discussion about the status of the ByDesign development environment (ByDesign studio).

How Lars Dalgaard wrote in his blog, ByDesign has a static growth and we as partners see a high acceptance in the market. The next step should be the enablement of partners to extend the solution in a larger scale. This would save development costs for SAP and would allow partners to fulfill better customer’s would also open the doors to new target industries.

Unfortunately there are currently some big issues in the ByDesign SDK which prevent partners to do that.

PSM releases

The public solution model (PSM) is the released business content of the SAP Business ByDesign solution, which can be used within the SAP Business ByDesign studio. The different content types that are published are Business Objects, Business Configuration Objects, Data Types, Form Message Types, Object Value Selectors, Embedded Components, UI Inports, UI Outports, and business adaptation catalog (BAC) entries. (Source:

The PSM should prevent developers to work with content that will changed in next release of ByD and should ensure that partners have enough time to react on those changes. But currently the PSM is more a pain than a win for us developers cause there are not enough content released. Additional to that the release of new content is defined as a “release by request” process via incidents and it seems like there are not enough resources to handle those. For example...we have one open request from September 17th in which SAP needed already 10 days to ask us for a detailed description of the business scenario and now?

We definitely need a faster, more uncomplicated and more transparent process. I remember that the target was to release 80% of content in PSM until we have FP4.0 but it seems like that 80% is NOT released.

General extensibility

SAP Business ByDesign is promoted as an easy to enhance ERP solution and that`s true if we take a look on the existence of mashups and custom fields. That`s great for customers cause they need no programming skills to do simple enhancements.

But there are a lot of use cases where those options are not enough and where we need more complex enhancements with e.g. new screens, buttons and coding. In this case we could use ByDesign studio but the enhancement functionality here is very limited...some examples:

  • Not possible to add new actions to existing business objects.
  • Not possible to add new events to existing screens
  • Not possible to extend existing objects with more complex structures like a list

This lists contain only some points and there are definitely more…this restriction is critical regarding the possibility of developing more complex solutions/industry verticals. How Judson in his comment to Lars Dalgaard`s blog already wrote that`s the reason why most of the more complex solutions for ByDesign are integration solutions (developed outside of ByDesign integrated via mashups or webservices).

I don`t want to criticise the ByDesign studio so much cause I really think it was/is a good pitch but now it`s time to move forward, to hear what the community have to say and what customers need.

From my point of view the release of all content in PSM and better extensibility options is the way SAP should go.

Any feedback and contrary views are highly appreciated.

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