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First time that I ear about this functionality was because mich.vollmer advice it on this thread,


This functionality, allow you to control the import in the the SAP System/Clients at Change Document level,

Actually, when you do the import in QA, PRE and PRD environments using the task-list of the project (txcode: SCMA) , the system import all the Transports request that are inside of the queue, independently of the status of the change document. this risk if because SAP don't check the status of the Change Documents during the import process. (Usually this happen because you are not following the Best Practices for Change Management recommend by SAP),


  • You create an Urgent Correction, you make the development, the Test and everything is fine, the Urgent correction is in status "Successfully Tested" and is waiting the Change Manager to be "Authorised for Import".  Technically, the Transport is in the queue of PRD, if your project is in Test phase and now you make the go-live without moving the Urgent Correction,  Solution Manager will import the transport request of the Urgent Correction in PRD, even if it's not authorised to PRD.

  • Actually after the "succesfullt Tested" status, the Normal corrections goes to PRD and you don't have any option to stop this correction to be imported in PRE or PRD, now you can add a new status after the "Successfully Tested",( something like "Authorised to go in Release"), then you add this new status to the Status-Dependent table, to allow the import in PRE only if is in status "Authorised for the Release".


You need to create 1 entry for each Project/System/Client/Role, you have the chance to use " * " for System/Client.


After select the entry in the import Strategy view, you can add the Change documents and the user status that you want to be allowed to be imported. 01Status-dependent.png

You can check more information about this functionality on  SAP Help Status-Dependent Import and the SAP Note 1708987

Wences Lacaze

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