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Hi all,

SAP has recently released the new ide, called SAPWebIDE. Actually it was fitst called River RDE (Rapid Development environmt) but this was to confusing with HANA river. My first opinion was: "How can a browser based development environment ever replace eclipse?". I could not believe this change of SAP. After I was over it, I decided to try it out. I started investigating the SAPWebIDE in my cloud trial account. I already started seeing some of the benefits, but I was still not fully convinced :smile: . The next step was to start developing a real UI5 application. Therefore I wanted to use my existing gateway service. The gateway and backend system are both On-Premise. So I didn't want to use the SAPWebIDE in the cloud for my On-Premise application. Therefore I installed the SAPWebIDE On-Premise.

Installation steps:

1) download the SAPWebIDE plug-in from the SAPStore

2) create a folder SAPWebIDE under your C drive. Together with the SAPWebIDE plugin you will find the SAP Dev Guide.


3) extract the SAPWebIDE plug-in to the new folder

4) download eclipse Orion


5) extract to the SAPWebIDE folder

6) Download Eclipse Director

7) extract to the SAPWebIDE folder

😎 open command line

9) navigate to the Director folder

10) run the following installation command

director -repository jar:file:..//!/ -installIU -destination c:\SAPWebIDE\eclipse

11) execute Orion.exe

Watch the tutorial for a more detailed guide:

Enjoy the tutorial and in the next blog we'll connect the SAPWebIDE to our On-Premise gateway. So stay tuned!

Connect the SAPWebIDE On-Premise to your SAP Gateway system On-Premise

Kind regards,


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