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Most of you experienced with HANA (specially system admins with right privilege - has the <sid>adm credentials maintained for respective systems) might know services that support various roles of total HANA System.

Every one knows how to start/stop HANA instance.

lets start with how to start,stop,restart HANA database services, it will help administrator as well as developers with the following scenarios

1) A host in a distributed system failed and a standby host took over. However, the services of the failed host remain inactive even after the host is reachable again. In this case, you need to restart the services manually.

2) After an update of SAP HANA extended application services (SAP HANA XS), the xsengine service needs to be restarted.

3) HANA Developers might have face this situation when developing applications for web browser clients

So lets start now

1.Open HANA studio and right click on your HANA instance from navigator view (click windows ->show view -> navigator)

2.Click Administration

3.Now you should be able to see Administration editor similar to this

4. In the Administration editor Click on Landscape Tab then select Services Tab

5. Now right click on any service and you have following options

StopThe service is stopped normally and then typically restarted.
KillThe service is stopped immediately and then typically restarted.
Reconfigure Service...The service is reconfigured. This means that any changes made to parameters in the system's configuration files are applied.
Start Missing Services...Any inactive services are started.

Searched SCN for similar post but could able to find one related to Start/Stop HANA Server, It was clearly answered with screenshots, hope this help newbies

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