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Dear Team,

I would like to share an issue which I faced in my BW development.

Issue Detail:

When you run the DTP from PSA to DSO, the start routine ends with the message saying that 'Error in start routine sub routine'

and the long text says 'Call of the method START_ROUTINE of the class LCL_TRANSFORM failed; wrong type for parameter SOURCE_PACKAGE'

But when you actually debug the DTP, you would end up that control is not even going inside the method me->start_routine.


Since the debugging control is not going inside the start_routine, we can be pretty sure that there is no issue with the start_routine code which we have written.

The source_package and the target+package of debugging screen seems to be identical to our transformation, this leads further confusion of the issue.


A simple switch that solves the issue is - go to RSA1, and re-activate the transformation from PSA to DSO.

This will regenerate the Transformation ID and the standard Source_package and Target_package fields.

The solution is simple, yet useful. I couldn't find this in SDN, hence thought to post.

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