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Follow the Three simple steps below to have the Stacked combination chart ready.

1. Drag and drop a Stacked Column Chart, and map the Rows 2, 3, 4, 5  to it as Series.

Add one series to it and keep Map the series name to Cell A6. Keep its values blank.
Behavior -> Scale -> set the max limit to the Cell "B7" and min as "0" .

Behavior -> Scale ->Divisions -> Number of Divisions -> 4

Behavior -> Common -> Check the - Ignore Blank cells in "Values".

Appearance -> Layout -> uncheck the "Chart Background"

Appearance -> Text -> uncheck the legend , make both the axis (horizontal axis labels and vertical Axis Labels) color same
as in the background. In the image below its been kept white as the Background color is white here.

Make sure the Chart title Subtitles are blank.

B7 = TRUNC(MAX(B6:M6)+(10*MAX(B6:M6)/100),0)

// This sets the max limit of Y axis labels to 10% of the maximum Value.

One of the best practices you can say as it reduces the Chart's empty space.

2. Drag and drop a Line Chart, and map the Rows 6 ( "Target" )  to it as Series.

Follow the Same thing as in the stacked column Chart. Make sure the Line chart is on the top of Stacked Column Chart.

3. Copy Paste the Stacked Column chart over the Line chart. Re-size it as shown in the below image and make the "legends Visible"

Drawback : The only Drawback it has is ( Appearance -> Layout -> "Enable hide/show chart series at run time
wont work here". )

.xlf file of this has been attached the with an extension of .txt , it can be viewed by changing the file extension to
.xlf after downloading.

Thanks & Regards,


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