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Are you (or your customer) implementing SRM7? Have you tried to figure out if you should use the newer technique, call Process-Controlled Workflow (PCF), or stick with the evergreen Application Controlled Workflow(ACF)?  Well, I am. 

I understand that there are benefits to both. SAP advises customers to move on to PCF, where the workflows are enabled via the IMG, and customer-specific functionality is added thru BADIs.  But there are provisions made to enable customers to stay with ACF.

The main drawback to PCF (as I understand it) is that once you make that switch, you can not go back. So if you get 75% thru your development, and realize that <oh rats> you need to be able to do something that is only available in ACF, then that's too bad.

If you are upgrading and have a working workflow system, you may be able to convert some of that to PCF, but probably not all.  Will you throw away and start over?

So I think some customers may be hesitant to make this change. 

Please take the Poll: SRM 7 - Application .vs. Process Controll... | SCN  and let us know what you are doing.  And even better?  Comment!  Let us know WHY you made the decision you did, or what has been your experience after your go-live.

This poll is very simple, just make one selection, and add comments if you will.  Your feedback will certainly help others!

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