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For 6 weeks I struggled getting BOE 4.2 SP05 installed fresh on a newly created Windows 2016 virtual server. I finally figured out the issue. I thought it might be helpful to relate my experience.

The issue presented itself whenever I would choose my previously prepared 64-bit ODBC datasource (based on SQL Server 2014).

I would get the following error...

"The system cannot verify the database logon information."

Despite that error the CMS_InfoObjects7 table would get created. If I would immediately hit "Next" again another table would get created, I would get the same error again. I tested my ODBC datasource and it was able to connect successfully.

The mystifying part was I had run this same install on another server (idenitical virtual servers), but against a different database and it worked just fine.

I thought if I could create the tables prior to the install perhaps it would just skip over that portion since the tables were already there. So I scripted out the tables from the other installation that worked and ran it on the SQL Server I with which I was having problems. The install made it past that stage, but finished with errors.

I did open an incident with SAP in working with a support engineer we confirmed the issue was with SQL Server because we were able to get the install to work using SQL Anywhere as the database.

After some time away from the issue due to other tasks I had the virtual server recreated and tried again. I got the same result.

In talking over the situation with our internal DBAs one of them mentioned maybe the database server level trigger in place to track database object changes on the server was interfering with the BusinessObjects install. As it turns out that was enabled on the problematic SQL Server, but not on the SQL Server used for the first installation that worked.

With that database server level trigger disabled I tried the install again. IT WORKED! I then applied 4.2 SP05 Patch 2 and 4.2 SP05 Patch 2 Hotfix 2 successfully. I have a lot of configuration and content migration to do, but at least I have a system that is up and running.

I hope this helps someone down the road.

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