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Generation of proxies with external XSD descriptions is not always an easy part and requires some Manual corrections of the xsd.

usually i replace decimal/integer and date to xs:string to avoid unnecessary syntax errors

i tried to generate a Proxy for an Service Interface from PI ESR (NW 7.40SP8) using Transaction SPROXY

but i've got error message SPXN 008 type is not set, without any hints witch element of the external xsd description is not ok.

when i open the externall structure tree and navigate down the tree,

breakpoint at

Class CL_PROXY_UIX_TREE_DATA, Method Create_Type_nodes, catch cx_pxn_fault.

Show variable L_ID

now i can see the name of the wrong xsd-element and fix it in the xsd description using XML spy or Notepad:

after doing so, everything was ok!

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