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Hi All,

I saw few posts where the spool reorg job SAP_REORG_SPOOL running with reports RSPO0041 or RSPO1041 will not be able to delete old spool requests.

So I want to share few known reasons for this issue in this blog.

1. Reorg Job running with report RSPO0041 instead of RSPO1041 : RSPO1041 is a new report released by SAP to replace RSPO0041. The report RSPO0041 is provided to delete obsolete spool requests. However, this report does not offer enough options to properly restrict which spool requests are to be deleted. So try to run the job SAP_REORG_SPOOL with report RSPO1041 with appropriate variant selection.

Ref : Note 130978 - RSPO1041 - Replacement for RSPO0041

2. Incorrect selection in the Variant of RSPO1041 : RSPO1041 offers more option for selection of Spool requests. SAP&001 and STDVAR are the two variants available in SAP system. You can select the STDVAR variant to run the job but make sure that the check box is selected if you want the spool with corresponding status to be deleted(see the below screen the Green color arrow shows the correct selection)

Also, unselect the Obsolete check box.

3. Incorrect Factory calendar selected in the Report RSPO1041 : This is one tricky thing I found out after searching a lot in Google :smile: .

There is a selection for calendar in the report, you can select the appropriate calendar id created for your customer (see below screen),

but make a note that most of the calendar IDs are only valid till 2010 and such Calendar ID does not help us to delete the spools from 2011.You can check the validity of the calendar ID in transaction SCAL.(See below screen)

If you wish to increase the validity for the calendar you need to change it in Development system and transport it to Development and use the calendar ID in the report.


You can just select Include all days which skips the Calendar ID(see below screen),

Ref : Note 1532398 - Spool requests are no longer deleted as of beginning of year

Now this variant should be able to delete the Old spool.

Hope this blog helps you in fixing your spool reorg issue. :smile: :smile: :smile:

Thanks for reading my blog,


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