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Hello all... This is my second blog of the year and I wanted to share some steps to show you how to import a Build application into the SAP Web IDE.

This blog assumes you have :

1) an account to the Build/Splash tool

2) you have already created and published a Build application

3) a HCP or trial HCP account

First and foremost, thank you for the time to read this blog. Also, there are some pre-reqs which we need to set up on our HCP account in order to be able to import a Build project into our HCP account.

1) Log in to your HCP account (or trial account)

2) click on the Destinations (left panel)

3) Add 2 destinations as shown below


once these 2 Destinations, please log off and wait 5-10 mins so that your account settings are refreshed by the system. Again, after 5-10 mins log back in.

The next steps once you have logged in is to

1) open the SAP Web IDE.

2) Click on create new project from template

3) On the template section, select Build Project ( this option will only appear if the 2 Destinations were entered correctly and your account settings were refreshed by the HCP)

Note: if you do not see the Build project option, verify the destinations and also make sure you have published the build project you want to import.

The two projects that I can import from below are in fact the 2 projects from my Build account. This validates again that the 2 Destinations were set up correctly on my HCP account.

After you have selected finish, then the application will be imported into your HCP SAP Web IDE.

Personally, I verified that I get an index.html file, at least 2 xml views (Page 1 and Page 2 from my build project) and the Component.js file that will contain my router – Actions I set up on the Build project

Before I look into any of the files, I clicked on Run just to see if my Build application is at least visually working. As I am able to see the same application from Build here, then I went ahead and clicked on my list items just to make sure the router was set up correctly.

Then, on this image I am validating, that the views were imported correctly ( in the views folder) and also project.json file contains the application settings.

The view was created with a unique id, which to me this is the main view as I had added a list control.

Then the next view is the Page 2 as I noticed the icon toolbar as one of the controls in the view. Again, this is just for me to verify that the views were created correctly.

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