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Whilst patiently waiting for SAP to deliver the highly anticipated AppDesigner for RAPID SAP UI5 development, SAP have released and pimped Mobile Development Tool which appears to be a sideways evolution of the previously titled Sybase Power builder.


Only 1 Hour to install, learn and build my first application with SAP AppBuilder - A UI5 Mobile App showing users from our Gateway System in a SuperList

The once Sybase product has now been greatly updated to run as a UI5 Drag and Drop generation tool, with built in runtime preview.

The initial thing you notice when creating your first APP is that you are given two options, Phone or Tablet. Currently AppBuilder doesn't support desktop application modelling in UI5, this is what we expect in much greater detail from the AppDesigner.

Although if you wish to use app builder to generate all the code to integrate with your OData services, then move it into Eclipse????? thats probably not a bad idea.

Featuring all the standard fields / buttons and attributes that you expect in a Mobile builder like this and providing seamless integration with OData services, AppBuilder quickly allows you to model and test a mobile application. (A Pre Sales Dream!)

But this tool isn't just a gimmick for Pre Sales, it has genuine merit as a rapid development tool.

Once you have created your application and tested it with the browser runtime tool, it doesn’t end there.  You are given the option to export your application to either an iPhone application (this was slightly tricker than expected but it does work) or even better, to a Cordova application which could then be deployed as an app for all platforms!

Getting up and running with AppBuilder couldn't be easier, download it from here - SAP Development Tools for Eclipse

and then why not try this great tutorial from Ming Kho - AppBuilder Tutorial - Hello World App

No JavaScript, OData or HTML skills are required, but if you do have those skills you will quickly appreciate the ease of creating applications hooking into an SAP system in no time!

Get Building :smile:

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