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The electronic document solution for Ecuador has been developed by Sothis. The solution is based on the SAP Document and Reporting Compliance  and Cloud Platform Integration for direct communication with the SRI (Servicio de rentas internas). Therefore, the standard tables are used and additional tables have been created to map certain fields required by the SRI.


The following electronic documents can be issued with the solution:

- Sales invoices

- Credit memos

- Purchase settlements

- Withholding tax receipts


As soon as a document that has been customized as relevant to create edocuments is posted, it will be displayed automatically in the edocument cockpit.


In the cockpit, you will be able to select the usual functions:

  • Submit: selecting this button will send the document to the SRI

  • Change status manually: the edocument will change its status to Created.

  • Display XML: the XML file that will be sent can be displayed

  • Change status manually: the edocument will change its status to Created.

  • Go to:

    • Source document: will display the source logistics document

    • History: will display the history of actions performed for the selected edocument

    • Application log: will save the communication error if there is one


When it is sent, a call is made to the enabled SRI webservice:

  1. Reception WS: receives the XML and returns the RECEIVED response.

  2. Authorization WS: will return 3 types of messages

  • Processing (PPR): the SRI is processing the registration.

  • Authorized (AUT): the registration has been successfully registered. The status in the return XML is AUTHORIZED.

  • Not authorized (NAT): the issuer will be required to correct and resend the receipt. The status in the return XML is REJECTED.


The response is almost immediate. However, the maximum time it will take the SRI to process a receipt is 24 hours. Therefore, if a processing status has been received, the status of the different electronic documents can be checked by executing transaction EDOC_BACKGROUND.


If within 15 days after issuing and sending the invoice you want to reverse it, the process is done manually in the SRI and then the invoice has to be reversed in the system so that it can be cleared for accounting purposes. This reversal will not generate an eDocument.


After 15 days, a credit memo must be sent.


On the same monitor you can display the authorization date and the authorization number.





Within the scope of localization, an application has been developed to upload the XML of invoices from interior suppliers to the system where all the relevant data is stored, so that later, and using another application, the Transactional Annex, which has information of both purchases and sales, can be obtained. This application shows the detail of the selected documents in the period and generates the XML in the format established by the SRI.


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